Sweet Italian Sausage Thanksgiving Stuffing

Sweet Italian Sausage Thanksgiving Stuffing is more side dish that you don’t want to miss on. It’s a meal in itself!


Sweet Italian Sausage Thanksgiving Stuffing

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only a few days away? I just can not believe that the holiday season is practically here. When it comes to Thanksgiving, delicious side dishes is the key to my turkey overload happiness. I mean, stuffing is an absolute must for me. Is it for you too? Oh my goodness, it’s so divine. Especially when you can make it in so many different ways. I actually make stuffing separately and also stuff my turkey with a family favorite stuffing recipe. You guys, in this household, stuffing is king. It’s a must for us.

One of the things that we do not neglect on is spices and herbs. Don’t get me wrong, there are some side dishes that I can do without them but for the most part, I love to add flavor to my Thanksgiving meal. In fact, my whole family is happy when I do. But I will say, even although I love eating spicy foods, my tummy and almost instant heartburn does not. It never fails after one bite of my chunky Sweet Italian Sausage Stuffing.

So that is why I always stock up on  Dual Action PEPCID® Complete before preparing and eating my holiday meals. Even when I’m traveling over the holiday season to visit my family, I come prepared. It’s a must to have these chewable’s on hand before I enjoy my meal.

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My Sweet Italian Sausage Stuffing is hands-down, the best. I could honestly eat it year round if I could. It’s just that good. -And, did I mention that this stuffing recipe is so easy to make too? Of course, it is.  In fact, be prepared to learn how really easy it is to make.

First, you will need one pound of Sweet Italian Sausage. I used a package of sausage crumbles to save me some time from removing the sausage casings.

On medium-high heat, take your skillet and melt six tablespoons of unsalted butter. Add your sausage crumbles to the melted butter. Continue to stir until your sausage is lightly browned and no longer pink. (About 7 minutes)

Next, add your celery and chopped onions to your skillet. Continue to stir until both ingredients have softened. (About 8 minutes)

Now add your freshly chopped sage to the sausage mixture. Next, pour three cups of chicken broth over your mixture. Bring to a simmer and remove from the heat.



In a large bowl, whisk two large eggs. Add 1/2 cup of fresh chopped parsley. Stir together. For this recipe, I used day old rolls from the bakery so I could create a more “chunky” style stuffing but tearing white bread into cubes would work as well.

Take your bread and sausage mixture then pour your beaten egg mixture over it.Stir until it’s combined.

In a shallow baking dish, pat butter your pan.



Transfer your stuffing to your prepared baking dish. Cut then place two tablespoons of butter cubes on top of your stuffing. Scatter evenly and around your baking dish.

Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove the foil and cook uncovered for another 20 minutes or until your Sweet Italian Sausage Thanksgiving Stuffing is golden.




I am so over the moon happy when a holiday recipe tastes so amazing! Especially when I get relief from the feast that I am about to enjoy. Nothing is more relaxing to know that you’re covered in those moments of discomfort digestion relief.

Sweet Italian Sausage Thanksgiving Stuffing is one side dish that I can not live without.

So while your shopping at Walmart for your holiday meal be sure to pick up PEPCID® Complete. 




So tell me, how do you like your Thanksgiving stuffing prepared?

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Trust me, you’ll feel better from top to bottom!










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  • Marie Baker

    You know i haven't ever used egg in my stuffing. I always use the broth and bake. I'm absolutely going to try this. because it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing and oh I love sausage in my stuffing! YUM!

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