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Spring is in the Air with SinfulColors #Review




Since we are springing our clocks forward soon, I can’t think of a better time to start thinking ahead with some new refreshing shades from SinfulColors.

After a long winter, we can’t help but count down the days for warm weather to arrive. Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons and with enjoying the outdoors more, I will be planting in my garden and seeing my flowers bloom. It will be such a refreshing change from the cold wintery days don’t you think?. It certainly is a perfect time for some pampering of your own.

Being a mom of four, I will admit my needs and wants come last. I’m sure my readers can relate. We are so busy taking care of everyone else that at times we lack some of things that make us happy as well. I love having my nails done. It’s something that I can do for myself, doesn’t take much time and makes me feel great afterwards.

Like many others, budgeting to get your nails done by professional can be trying. So that is why it’s so much easier and less costly for me to apply polish in my own home.

By painting my nails at home I can do it at my leisure, apply touch ups when needed and most of all still feel great!

Once again, SinfulColors has made their way into my home with their new Catch Spring Fever Collection. From their beautiful polish shades, glitters and beautiful top coat collections your nails will look replenished for the new spring season.

On the SinfulColors website, you can find demonstrations that will guide you to locate that combination look. Just like applying one of your favorite shades with a glitter or shimmering base polish and now you have your very own unique nail design. It’s a fun new transformation from your previous nail shades.


Recently, I had a opportunity to sample some of SinfulColors newest Catch Spring Fever Collection shades and I am excited to bring to you, my review.


I received five different shades to sample and I will say, I am very pleased with all the selections that were given to me. From the Feel the Vibe, Sail La Vie, Why not, Thimbleberry and Ring the Belini, all five of these polishes from SinfulColors are great to use as a top coat or a combination of the two. I always idolized SinfulColors for the consistency of their polishes. Not to thick  but glides right onto the nail with ease.

For myself, I first applied Feel the Vibe then topped it off with Ring the Belini. Both of these shades complement each other as the orange/tangerine shades blend in so well. Bright, Cheerful and ready to take on the first day of Spring! So pretty!


The Why Not and Sail La Vie are both beautiful shades of colors. Both of these polishes are cheerful blues and are definitely a mood changer in my opinion. They can certainly make those grey skies go away by just looking at them.  Sail La Vie is one of those color shades that you can easily match up with different shades like Feel the Vibe. Alternating every other finger with a different shade will certainly get you in that Spring Fever mood.

Overall, I had a great experience trying out all these fabulous colors and shades from SinfulColors. It surely was fun to experiment these shades and just in time for Spring.

The SinfulColors Catch Spring Fever Collection features 24 new shades and are available for you at your local Walgreens and Target Store for $1.99 each bottle.

For more information about SinfulColors and their wide assortment of nail polishes offered, please visit them on their website.

Stay connected with SinfulColors on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Spring!

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  • Marina

    My sister calls me Ms. Mousey because I'm very traditional when it comes to fashion and beauty choices. These colors would be something up her alley especially the blue!
  • Angelic Sinova

    I'm so happy spring is coming soon! I love this colors, especially the blue polish. That would be perfect for spring <3
  • Stephanie

    Sinful Colors is actually one of my favorite brands. I like the shape of the brushes too. They seem to cover better than other polishes.
  • Katrina

    I also don't use many colors like this but I have thought of many projects where I have used nail polish to paint with. I love the colors and know many people who would use them.
  • Vera Sweeney

    I love how beautiful the colors from sinful colors for the nail polish! I love how bright they are perfect for spring.
  • Reginia Cordell

    I have really gotten into polishes lately and try fun colors each time I go to the salon. The periwinkle color above is one of my favorites.
  • Corinne

    My daughter loves to do her nails with fun, bright colors and these are perfect. She buys Sinful Colors a lot because of their color selection and because they are so affordable.
  • Sara

    Completely drawn to the orange colour. I so want to paint my nails that colour but with the boys I wonder how long it would last. Gorgeous though!
  • Mama to 5 BLessings

    I LOVE these colors! They are perfect for the Spring. I would paint each fingernail one of these colors !
  • Bailey K.

    I love the "Why Not" color (I think that's the one - the periwinkle blue color). I'm not much of a nail painter - I only paint my toenails during the summer and therefore only ever own one bottle at a time! But that periwinkle color is right up my alley.
  • Myrabev

    Can not wait for spring the reach the UK ASAP, I love love the orange colour and usually i shy away from such colours but i am so loving it. Great review

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