Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins Review

When you think of Gummy Vitamins you think of children’s vitamins and I am guessing because of the gummy part. Well not anymore these Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins are for adults and children ages 3 and up. I must say this is a great idea not only will your child think that your the coolest because your eating those gummies but you will also be teaching them to take better care of your self.

SmartPack Gummy Vitamins comes in this multipack of thirty. Each packages come with five in a pack which are for calcium, vitamin D3, Dha/ Epa Omega 3, Energy Vitamins B6 &12 and multi vitamin.

  • The Calcium has a strawberry flavor to them and supports bone health
  • DHA/EPA/OMEGA-3 has a orange flavor which supports heart health and brain function
  • Vitamin D3 has a pineapple taste and supports the sunshine vitamin
  • Energy – Vitamins B6 & B12 has a tea flavor and supports natural energy boost
  • Multi- Vitamin has a lemon taste and includes 10 different vitamins and minerals.

As we get older it’s very important to take care of self better and to live a longer healthy life. With taking these vitamins it will certainly put you on the right track. What I thought was great about these gummy vitamins is that they were easy to swallow and to chew.

You may visit Smartpack on their website to locate the nearest retail store.

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This product contains a fish product (tuna).

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