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Hey ladies are you looking for that fragrance that says sexy and refined?
Do you need to replace that perfume you been wearing for years? Boy, I need to update you on one of the newest perfumes from Prada called Candy.

First I need to tell you about Fragrance  and their products.

Fragrance Net has been an online retailer since 1997 that specializes in perfumes, colognes, skincare, makeup, candles, skincare, gift sets and aromatherapy. They provide consumers with the largest selection of brand name products with keeping cost reasonable. Their products are 100% genuine and absolutely not an imitation or a knock off. 008

Ladies do you want a perfume that stands out and not to heavy but crisp? Then you need Candy by Prada. I recently just received a sample bottle to review and I need to say that I am in love with it. This perfume will turn some heads and certainly get some attention. The Prada Candy perfume was first introduced in 2011 and it lives up to its name. The scent comes off light and seductive. I guarantee when you get off the elevator at work people will step back out as you exit to get one more sniff. My husband loves how it smells on me and I am sure your partner will too.
The Prada candy is a mixture of caramel, sweet, musk, and a warm spice to give it its moderate scent. I felt that the fragrance lasts for about 4 hours and even after a few hours of wearing it I could clearly notice the fragrance was alive on my skin.
This perfume would be considered by more of a mature audience rather than a teen.

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The sample I received was a 2.7 fluid ounce tall fuchsia bottle accented in brushed gold with a mushroom like top . I liked how the bottle had some presentation and style to it.

Over all I loved it! It fits my personality and taste. offers free shipping for orders over $70 and 20% off any order upon entering their website, that in itself is worth the time to browse their site and make a purchase of your favorite fragrance or find a new one like like the Prada Candy.

Prada Candy retails for $114.79 and currently on sale for 20% off.

Feel free to visit Fragrance Net on their website and follow them on facebook, twitter, pinterest, you tube and blog. Please sign up for their coupon list as well.


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