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keterI would like to thank Keter for allowing me to review their Mastercart Tool Box in exchange of this review.

All opinions are 100% my own.

I must say that Keter Plastics never never cease to amaze me with their products that they offer.

They are one of the leaders in today’s top manufacturers when it comes to resin products for your home and even gardening.

Their selections are endless when it comes to storage, furniture and organization products.

On their website, you will find anything from outdoor living,  gardening, outdoor storage, fences and also tool storage.

One of the reasons why I favor resin products specially for the outdoors is because you will never have to worry about weather conditions or even rust.

It’s a big concern for me when I purchase outdoor furniture since I live in a warm climate state which I use all year round for my yard and patio.

The rain alone can damage any style seating to the point it’s not usable anymore.

I really can not express to you enough how easy their products are to place together. I am certainly one of those folks that dislikes building or putting products together specially because of the time it takes or  it’s just too many pieces to put together.  Keter manufacturers their products with consumers in mind. Keeping the directions easy and friendly for all.


Ladies, with the holidays coming soon I couldn’t be more happier to share with you my review on Keter Mastercart Tool Box.

I must say, here is a gift your favorite guy will love. Ladies, one thing that men really love to have is their tools. My husband owns more phillips head and flat screwdrivers than anyone I know.

Let’s face it they are all over the place. I find them in my kitchen drawers, on shelves and in the garage. What’s even more comically is when you need a tool you can never find it.

That’s what’s awesome about this Keter Mastercart Tool Box you can keep everything you need or use all in one tool storage.

When I say that this tool box comes with enough storage and compartments would you believe me?

Just look at the pictures for yourself.

Keter Mastercart

For me, once I first opened it up I couldn’t believe how many compartments this Mastercart had. I was amazed!

There is many features that I love about it. First, it’s a cart that has  5″ rubber wheels. It really can’t be more convenient than that. No more carrying your tool boxes around the house or bet yet not having to worry since you can easily transport by holding the extendable handle.  It has a cable holder and a bungee hook. You can even place a lock on it to keep your tools safe.

Another feature that I like is how some of the compartments top are see through. Making it easy to find those nails or screws that you might need.

For being a compact tool box organizer it really gives you tons of space. The Mastercart measures  24″ x 33″ in height x 18″ in width x 10″ in diameter.


Shown in the picture above is how you can also separate and utilize all the sections. Giving you another reason why Keter is the best when it comes down to storage.

I also think that the Mastercart is great because how light weight it is and how you will never have to worry about your tool box ever rusting or getting dented by carrying it around.

The best part is it comes fully together. No screws or clips. Simple and easy!

This would be perfect gift to give for a Christmas present to a guy that works with tools. Over all it’s a wonderful choice!

You can find the Mastercart available to purchase at and even at your local Home Depot.

The Mastercart retails for $59.99.

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