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It’s Time to Wham Those Words with Word Whammer #LeapFrog

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Photo credit LeapFrog
Photo credit LeapFrog

My daughter loves her first grade class. She is so proud of what she has accomplished already. I will admit, I am pretty excited that she finds school positive and interesting. What a big jump it’s been for her since Kindergarten. Being that her academics have changed since then, she is totally embracing this new level of learning in school. Over the years, my children always had a liking to LeapFrog educational toy products. Their learning toys are age appropriate and makes learning fun for them. Products like the new Word Whammer,  is a wonderful tool to help children achieve these goals.


In first grade she is learning more about words, their sounds and how to combine the two. Of course, sounding the words and putting them together is only the beginning for new readers. I know for my daughter she loves to learn and finds it challenging to master it.

The LeapFrog Whammer is a hand held action game that can be adjusted to your child’s learning skill level. Having five levels and 3 games to choose from, this is a great tool for children heading to kindergarten or the first grade.

Users can build words by twisting, tapping or spinning the LeapFrog Whammer. By using the handle, they will be able to build and spell over 100+ words. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? For my 6 year old daughter it is. It’s perfect for her.

Sounding out and putting words together is a great way for children to learn how to read. The Whammer allows children to twist for letter sounds as the teacup will display the correct answer.


It’s definitely a great source for building their vocabulary, practicing phonics and spelling words. What really got my daughter’s attention is when she learned that she could win tickets to collect game prizes once she completed a level. She finds learning tools with that concept more challenging and self rewarding.

Overall, the new LeapFrog Word Whammer not only demonstrates a fond and helpful way of learning but it continues to help my daughter that sparks her interest in learning.

LeapFrog Word Whammer retails for $19.99 and can be found at your local retail store.

For more information about LeapPad or the new LeapPad Word Whammer please visit the LeapFrog website.

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