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It’s Time to Love Your Skin with Liquid Oxygen #LoveLO


Just recently I received 3 bottles of Liquid Oxygen to sample and today, I couldn’t be more pleased to let my readers know about this wonderful 3 step system.

For those who know me, I love trying new products specially skincare items. I am a believer of keeping my skin youthful and vibrant. Let’s face it, we are not getting any younger so taking care of my skin is one of my daily top priorities. Same goes for my children and husband.

I believe in products that gently cleans and keeps our skin clear from acne, blemishes and even black spots. What if I told you that Liquid Oxygen gives you all the above. Oh yes, It’s time to love your skin.

My husband and older sons tend to have acne prone skin. I believe it’s caused by being so active outdoors in the sun (sweating) specially while working and of course hormones. Not to mention, their skin is much more oily than mine. Needless to say, we have tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to work as the directions indicate until now.


Liquid Oxygen is a skincare line that is designed to be gentle on your skin without causing irritation. It works fantastic for all skin types and is free of fragrances, Alcohol, BPO and Paraben.

It’s natural and has loads of vitamins such as A,D,C and E. Liquid Oxygen starts working from the first day of use. Giving you that flawless look you have been waiting for.

Step 1

I first applied Liquid Oxygen Acne Wash to my son’s acne prone skin. This should be done daily and can also be used to maintain the users acne condition. My sons main problem with acne is around his face but mostly near his side burns so that is where I started to apply it.


Immediately after his first use, he felt and seen a difference in this skins appearance. That area was smoother and was less noticeable. It left his skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Step 2

Next we applied Liquid Oxygen Blackhead Astringent.

The Blackhead Astringent is used for removing dirt, reduces pore sizes, It re-balances and tones your skin -Plus hydrates through it’s powerful strength of oxygen.


Granted, my sons don’t have many blackheads but we primary used this step to remove dirt from the skin. I am happy to say, it really worked! When the proof is in the “pudding” there is no denying it. Just look at cotton puff and see for yourself.


Step 3

Finally we applied Liquid Oxygen Anti-Acne Facial Moisturizer.


The Liquid Oxygen Anti- Acne Facial Moisturizer restores your hydration all day specially when your “dry” the most. It’s made from an non oil base which helps to keep the skin dry and will not surface more acne. After applying the moisturizer to my sons face, he was extremely pleased with the outcome. Being 19 years old and having issues with ache is hard enough. So finding products like the Liquid Oxygen 3 step system truly works for him and us.


As you can see, there is so many great benefits that come with using Liquid Oxygen. It serves for different skin tones plus once you see a difference you start feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Overall, I think the Liquid Oxygen treatment for 1, 2 and 3 works for my family. I honestly can see a difference in my sons acne. He looks forward in using this system daily and since the 6oz bottles are a 90 day supply,  it really comes in handy of not having to worry about him running out.

For more information about the products that Liquid Oxygen offers, visit their website.

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  • Maria-Teresa A.

    I used to use liquid oxygen that could be ingested to help keep me awake or 'cure' a hang over - it worked great! I didn't know it could be used on the skin too. I'll definitely have to check this out especially if it's as good as you say it is!
  • Michelle

    I'm so glad to hear of a product that helps acne prone skin and is Paraben free. I am looking forward to trying Liquid Oxygen as I'm looking for some new skin care products.
  • Jeanine

    This looks and sounds great. I've never heard of Liquid Oxygen before but I bet it would be very helpful. I'm turning 30 next week and wouldn't you know it I'm still experiencing crazy break outs, and its driving me nuts!
  • Chubskulit Rose

    I have never heard of this nor seen it anywhere. It sounds like great products to try for our skin care.
  • Uplifting Families

    This sounds like a great product. I know that I've struggled with adult acne for a while. I should try this.
  • Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    I received this kit at #GettinGorgeous 2015 in New York City, I can't get wait to get started with it! Great to hear it is working so well for your son! Thanks for sharing. :)
  • Joanne T Ferguson

    Thanks for highlighting a brand I was not aware of! The product definitely looks like trying and what a great review!
  • Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies

    This sounds like something that would be good to try for my skin. I've always had issues with acne so I need all the help I can get!
  • Donna Ward

    Trendy name - and sounds like a great product - I do get oxygen facials that make my skin feel fab - and will have to take a closer look at this :)
  • Lauren R

    I've heard of this stuff and I've heard its awesome! I really need to pick some up so I can try it out! Thanks for sharing!
  • Yona Williams

    I would want to try something like this just because 'liquid oxygen' sounds like something different and innovative. Sometimes, I get lil' breakouts that I would like to tame.
  • Kee Kee

    I'm so happy that your teenage sons are using our Liquid Oxygen products and seeing results! Thank you for your review! Kee Kee, Liquid Oxygen

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