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It’s that time of year again where we spend more time indoors especially because of the weather change, illnesses and allergies. One day the weather is chilly then the next day it’s warm here in Florida.  At times my children, husband and I tend to walk around our home sneezing, coughing and having itchy eyes. It’s so unpredictable to try to point out if it’s allergy, pet dander, dust or illness related. I never been a big “fan” of giving my children allergy medication because of the side effects so we try our best to use home remedies for their discomfort.

As you know, you don’t have control over the air outdoors but we do have the ability to change the quality of the air indoors. In my home we have wall to wall carpet which catches all my dog & cat’s dander and not to mention dust mites love carpets. We do our best to keep our carpets clean and free of dust and particles. Since having central a/c we have to check and keep our filters clean. This helps with cleaner air circulation in our home but there is always need for improvement so when I heard that I would be reviewing Honeywell Advanced Air Cleaning System I was thrilled and today I am honored to share my views with you.

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This advance air cleaning system from Honeywell is an air purifier like no other. The 3 in 1 advanced air cleaning system can help you fight germs, reduce odors and filter up to 99% of airborne particles. This Honeywell unit has permanent filters inside that can be easily cleaned and never needs to be replaced. The new HEPA Clean Whisper Quiet Air Purifier has 12 different cleaning levels, auto-off timer from (1-18 hours) and a filter digital gauge. You can push the button on the control gauge if you want to iconize the air. This feature helps freshening the air and to boost performance. It can also be turned off and on per personal preference.  So you ask how does this unit work? Well the HEPA clean air purifier will  pull air from the rear on the unit then it passes through the carbon zeolite filter. This pre-filter helps reduce common household odors such as pets, cooking, nursery, smoke odors and then it passes through the UV light to breakdown airborne bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, smoke,dust and fungus. Come check out the video.

I must say that is not your average air purifier. It’s been a few days now since I received this to review and I honestly can say this works awesome! My air in my home has never felt so fresh and clean this is amazing. I loved how this 3 in 1 advance air cleaning system oscillates so it’s reaching all angles in my room. I can barely hear it on because it’s so quiet. The UV light feature is another bonus that I like because it’s reducing 99.9 % of bacteria and viruses that may be in my home.  Honeywell is Physicians first choice in air purifiers and they offer a 5 year limited warranty on this model. The measurements are 11.42 x 10.83 x 30.31 which is a great size to place in any medium or large room. Honeywell suggests this would be ideal to use in a medium/large room up to 12″x15″ (180sq ft). I love this so much that my husband and I plan on purchasing more to place in other rooms. Fantastic Product, Wonderful Company! This 3 in 1 Advanced Air Cleaning System retails for $230. I highly suggest that if your in the market to replace or buy a new air purifier you gotta check out this Honeywell’s model you will not be disappointed.

You can visit Honeywell on their Honeywell Store website to view this model HHT-145  and many others.

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