Grim Reaper-Wowindow Review

Let me first start off by saying this is one of my best reviews that I have ever done! These Wowindow Posters are the most amazing and unique products and I am excited to share this review with you.

The company Wowindow is located in the state of New Jersey. The owner Robert Schotta started a project in his home to dress up his windows during the holiday seasons. By using window sized boards, cat eye shaped cutouts and red cellophane backing. That is when in 2000 his home thought ideas became a reality for his business. Today Wowindows has sold over 1,000,000 posters worldwide and is in retail stores across our country.

They offer shipping within the USA, Canada, Mexico, Untied Kingdom, Germany and Australia. The posters are made right here in the USA and with the quality of materials used they will last a life time.

They offer Wowindow posters for Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah,Licensed and Patriotic.

The Grim Reaper pictured above will give my on lookers a double take.

It comes in two 3’x5′ poster board pieces and eight adhesive squares. What is great about this poster is that I can adjust it to my liking or re-size it to any window. It is reusable so I can take it down after I use it and store it for next season. So you ask how does it get bright enough to view it at night. By simply using your inside lights it will illuminate your poster. You can use a table lamp or a ceiling light. I used a floor lamp and it worked great for me. It was installed on my windows within minutes. When it was all set up inside my family and I couldn’t wait to go outside and view it. When we did I was amazed by it. In my opinion it looks like a 3-D poster almost like the Grim Reaper was really peeking out my windows. My family all said “WOW” that poster is unreal and my son said mom that does look spooky. The poster colors and the detail of the Grim Reaper really stands out.

We are so pleased with this product and couldn’t be any happier.

You may visit Wowindows on their website for further information on how to purchase your Wowindows Poster or to view a how to install video.

Please feel free to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

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