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Go Cruise this Summer with Cardiff Skate

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Ready, Set, Skate! Go Cruise this Summer with the Cardiff Skate Company. These skates will allow you to enjoy the outdoors Plus get some exercise while wearing them.

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

Just let me say these skates are awesome! My children were over the top happy when they found out that I had a chance to work with the Cardiff Skate Company on this review. I can’t say that I blame them because I was pretty excited myself.


The Cardiff Skate Company was founded in Cardiff, California. With their unique patient design, these Cardiff Skates are like no other on the market.

It was in 2004 when Brian Green noticed a decline in skating. His mission was to create a better experience that could be enjoyed by all skaters with all abilities. Young and old, he wanted to see them out and enjoying life once again.

After a few years of testing the concept, Brian Green introduced the skates to Bob Pollack. Not only did Bob Pollack recognize this awesome concept of these skates, he looked forward to this new business plan with Brian.

In 2014 Cardiff Skates officially was launched nationwide in all Brookstone stores and several Costco stores as well.  They even developed their first line of youth skates in 2015.

Currently, the Cardiff Skate Company has introduced the Cardiff Cruiser. These skates are now available at your local Target retail stores in large, small and youth sizes with a variety of colors to choose from.


Sunshine and Flip Flops


Don’t ya love the new concept of these skates?  When my children first opened up the box, they were “gleaming” from the excitement. It’s important that you read the instructions as it provides the user with some great information about safety and how to get started.

The Cardiff Company offers skates for adults and children sizes. Even though the Cruiser and the S-Series look very similar, the S-Series are based for higher performance and the quality of wheel width is slightly different. The S-Series are also faster than the Cruiser Youth Skates.

Needless to say, the Cruiser Skates are the perfect size and style for my children. Being that they’re beginners in skating, the Cardiff Skate are excellent. The design of these skates give my children the guidance as they feel secure while wearing them. The youth skates can be adjusted to any shoe size and by using the ASA (Automatic Sizing Adjustment) system, it allows children to grab the toe and heel then pull apart until they click open. By doing so it gives the user plenty of room to place their feet (shoe) in, then strap the buckle to secure the shoe.


Sunshine and Flip Flops


It only takes three easy steps to place the skates on so they’re simple enough for children to do alone. There is no shoe laces to tie and your feet don’t feel sore after skating in them. These are some of my own concerns when purchasing skates for my children. I want to make sure that they’re age appropriate, safe to wear and give my kids the best comfort while wearing them.  The Cruiser skates give just that.

The skates come ready to use so no assembly is required. If you choose to adjust the wheels you can do so with using the tools that are included in the box.

Youth sizes are based on U.S shoe sizes for kids. They’re available in sizes 12 through an adult size 5 or 6. These skates require a minimum weight of 45 pounds but not to exceed 120 pounds.

Adult sizes like the size small my son received, will fit a size 6 adult men’s or a women’s 8 or smaller.


Sunshine and Flip Flops


I seen the best results when my children were skating on a flat surface. I also felt skating at our local park was the best alternative than skating near or on a busy road. Both of my children felt confident without wearing a helmet while skating although we did have ours on hand.

Overall, the Cardiff Cruisers are made very well. Having three wheels plus the wheel in the back gives parents like me the reinsurance of stability. Having the velcro strap and the adjustable strap allows the user to manually adjust the skate to their liking. By using these straps, your feet will feel secure and comfortable while skating.

Having a variety of Cardiff Cruisers sizes and colors to choose from, gives everyone in your family a chance to try them out. The concept of this design is one that I admire. These skates are like no other on the market which allows them to be unique because of it’s Automatic Sizing Adjustment.


Sunshine and Flip Flops


Take a look at the video review below and see how well my children did when skating.




You can now find the Cardiff Cruisers at your local Target retail store.

Cardiff Cruisers retail starting from $79.99 and up.

For more information and to find out how to purchase, visit the Cardiff Company.

Stay connected with Cardiff Skate Company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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  • Robin Masshole Mommy

    I actually took my boys rollerskating for the very first time this past winter, and they loved it. I think something like this would be fun for them to use over the summer :-)
  • Chubskulit Rose

    Oh boy, these would be so much fun to have for kids this summer time. I am sure my kiddos would love eash a pair! Thanks for the review.
  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I wish these had been around when my friends and I were frequenting the skating rink. I was a fairly good skater, but I had a friend who just wiped out every single time.
  • Sandy KS

    I heard these were really good skates. To bad there wasn't an area in hometown to allow for skating and to encourage kids to get out and play.
  • Alli

    Your kids are adorable! I love the video of them opening up their new skates. Wow, skates have come a long way since my kids were little. These are awesome!
  • Diana Villa

    I never heard of Cardiff Skate Company before but after reading your post I'm going to check it out. Those skates looks so awesome and cool! :D
  • lisa

    These look like great skates! I love that you can wear your gym shoes with them. So if you decide to stop skating, you can always walk back (can you tell that's happened with my littlest one before??).
  • Jeanine

    These look awesome! When I saw your post on Facebook I couldn't wait to see what these are all about! My kids would LOVE these!
  • Chantal

    I had a Fisher Price version of these when I was little but these look way cooler and faster! Thanks for sharing :)
  • Colette - JamericanSpice

    These look a lot safer than the ones at the rink :) I would try them myself :) Definitely a fun way to enjoy the summer! I wouldn't want them out beside the road either. Also makes for great gift ideas!
  • Pauline C.

    That design is novel, yet safe. I miss those days when you would see a lot of kids skating around the village.
  • Jaime Nicole

    This definitely looks like a product our kids would love. It would be perfect for some outdoor fun this summer and fall!
  • Lisa @bitesforbabies

    I remember when these first came out ages ago...I can't remember though where I put my pair! I loved going for a 'ride' with these!
    • Michele

      Hi Lisa, This is a new concept and design. These cruiser just came out for youth sizes in May. Perhaps your thinking about something else.
  • Kelly Hutchinson

    These are so cool and I know my kids would love them. They have actually been asking for a new pair of skates for a while now.
  • Donna

    These would be great for my son to learn how to skate with... he has only been twice in his life and he is just too nervous about falling. I've told him that is part of learning. :) These could definitely help him, though.
  • Liz Mays

    They'll definitely be cruising around town with those! They look like a lot of fun and they're perfect for beginners.
  • April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    I saw those at the store last week and stopped to look. They are so much nicer than the skates we had has kids that rusted out.....oh wait, that makes me sound old.
  • Gabriel

    Very cool concept. I haven't skated or bladed much since I moved out of the city, there's just no where to do it within 20 miles or so.
  • Jessica Simms

    How neat! I've seen these on the TV and have wondered if they really work or if they are as entertaining as they seem on TV.
  • Rosey

    My son has a pair of skates. I think these would be awesome for my nephew though, then they could go skating together.

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