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Get Them Moving with LeapFrog-LeapTv

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WHAT!!! Christmas Day is almost two weeks away? How did this happen? I’m such an procrastinator when it comes to finding that right present but this year WOW! I better get moving or I might be on that “naughty” list this year. Buying presents for my children doesn’t take much thought. Although in reality, finding that perfect gift that keeps them active and useful all year round is my focus this year.

As we all know, Winter is coming which means spending more time indoors for our kids. So on this year’s must have list, this mom is finding a gaming system that not only allows my kids to have fun, stay active and educate them, but keeps them entertained.

-And I got the right gift just in mind!  Meet LeapTv™ by LeapFrog. This hands on educational gaming system gets the kids bodies moving while keeping their minds thinking.  It’s a win-win for this mom!

In my opinion, It gets them moving and I love it! You know what’s the best part? It’s all done by motion. That’s right! No more lounging on the couch playing video games. It’s time to put their feet to the floor as this game requires them to dance, jump and more!



LeapTv™ is made for young children in mind. Since the LeapTv™ has audio instructions, children will listen to follow along even if they have little or no reading skills.  There is 3 easy ways to play. Children can hold the controller for classic play, use body motion which requires no controller (just body movement) and pointer play.

Setting up the LeapTv™ is very similar to any gaming system out there. In the box you will find, an LeapTv™ Console and Stand, Motion Sensing Camera, Camera Mount, One Transforming Controller with Wrist Strap, 6′ HDMI Cable, AC Power Adapter plus Ethernet Port, 16GB Memory, Built in Wi-Fi,  and a Free Bonus Game called Pet Play World when registered.  Once your LeapTv™ has been set up then it’s time to play.



Now, let’s check out this controller! This Transforming controller is designed for durability with little hands in mind.  It’s lightweight to hold plus for added security, kids can use the wrist strap before game play. On the controller you will find fast action buttons which makes it easier for them to play games. The LeapTv™ Transforming controller requires two AA batteries that are not included.

There is two ways to use this controller. First, you can use your Transforming controller For “Pointer” Play mode, your child can twist, turn and it’s great for motion control fun. Secondly, you could also use the controller for Classic play. This will be great to use on those fast action games that might require pressing those large A/B  buttons. Be sure to pick up a second controller to play with a sibling or friend.



LeapTv™ is recommended for children 3 to 8 years old. Since the LeapTv™ has a library of over 100+ games or videos to choose from, you’ll be amazed how much fun your children will love learning. Using cartridge games are so simple for kids to use on their own. They’re able to just slide the game right into the LeapTv™ console giving them freedom to do so without parents help.


My daughter’s favorite game from LeapTv™ is Disney’s Frozen Arendelle’s Winter Festival. This fun game is available on a cartridge and an app. Your child will meet Anna, Elsa and Olaf while enjoying the sights at the Winter Festival. By using mathematics, your children will be delighted to play an active game that requires them to toss snowballs, collect snowflakes and even see Elsa dance on ice. Right now, my daughter is having some difficulties with math in school so this program has made her feel confident in herself.


One of the features that I love with the LeapTv™  is how each game grows with your child. As your child achieves,  so doesn’t the difficulty level. It’s done automatically so parents have one less thing to worry about. Also, I love how children can learn through motivation and movement.

As a parent, I love watching my daughter learn and as we all know, each child learns differently. Some might learn slower than others and some might excel in education. I am so happy to know there is a gaming system that not only helps my daughter but keeps her active and entertained while learning.



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So tell me, how do you keep the kids active on those cold winter days?


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