Disney’s Teen Beach Movie Review


Just when it was safe to surf in the water here comes Disney’s Channel New Teen Beach Movie!

This surf rock musical will have your kids laughing, singing right along with this movie.

Since making it’s movie premiere on July 19th on the Disney Channel now comes a DVD release starting on July 30th in your local retail store.

The movie starts off when Mack (McKenzie) wants to ride her last epic wave with her boyfriend Brady before her big move to boarding school. That is when Brady notices the danger of a wave and tries to talk Mack from not surfing it. By that time it was too late and that is when the wave mysteriously carries them both right into the “Wet Side Story”.

When the reach “Wet Side Story” that is where they meet Seacat, Giggles, Rascal, Lela, Butchy and others at a local hangout for bikers and surfers. During the movie the bikers and surfers want control of this popular hangout for teens and it seems that Mack and Brady find themselves right in the middle of this teen beach battle.

During the movie, you will see the storyline change from a musical to a modern girl just confirming her ambitions, strengths and goals.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised how my son who is 7 years old knew all the songs after watching this film. Since it was made for children ages 6-14 this will be perfect for any pre teen too.

The songs that the cast play and sing are up beat and ready to turn up the summer heat just like back in 1969.

Don’t forget to check out the soundtrack for the Teen Beach Movie now in stores. Disney is also expanding the Teen Beach Movie line for home decor, fashion dolls, bedding and so much more. You can find these items at your local Walmart, Target and other fine retail stores.


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