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dfi Aging Viox Collection Review


I would like to thank dfi AGING for allowing me to review their facial care products.

Ladies, I need to let you know what you have been missing! Let me just start off my saying that not all aging products are the same. In fact that statement “you get what you pay for” is beyond true when it comes to beauty and aging defying products. I have tested many brands and I must say that some do work as directed but others fail then you find yourself purchasing and testing more products that can be more costly than effective.

Let’s face it ladies getting older surely is no picnic , yes we do our best to stay fit, balance life with our jobs, kids you name it we do it all. Keeping our skin young, toned, and vibrant is something we all are seeking.  Well, I would like to introduce to you dfi AGING.

dfi AGING is an high effective skincare line that has been scientifically formulated by a world renowned medical surgeon who has been in practice for over 40 years. This surgeon has worked with a number of  celebrities and royal clients worldwide. He has dedicated over 25 years in providing non surgical facelifts and impressive nonsurgical skincare solutions. The results come from a best kept secret ingredient called Zeolite.

 Zeolite is an a natural and ancient wonder and is also  recognized for curative properties that detoxify, restores your PH levels and increases nutrient absorption. Zeolite is also used to treat medical skin conditions such as dermatitis, prurigo and  psoriasis.

Viox, another product of dfi AGING’S facial care collection consists of

  • Viox Eye Cream Gel
  • Viox Facial Cream
  • Viox Facial Serum
  • Viox Thermal Action Mask

Out of this collection I reviewed the Facial Cream, Facial Serum and the Thermal Action Mask.

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Can I just say that this Viox Thermal Action Mask is truly remarkable. I have never had used a mask that makes my skin feel so young and vibrant like the Viox Thermal Action Mask has done.


I must admit that using this once a week , for the past 2 weeks I can already see the difference. Most of you know how a mask works and how we apply it, but using these simple instructions will have you looking and feeling great!.  First you clean your face thoroughly, rinse and keep wet. Then you apply a evenly layer Viox Thermal Action Mask  and let set for 2-3 minutes.  You will instantly feel the warmth coming from this Thermal Mask. It’s not a overwhelming feeling or something you would bother your skin but you will have a warming sensation.


The Viox Thermal Action Mask compliments the Viox Facial Serum. After you have finished with the Thermal Mask then you would apply the Viox Facial Serum on top of the mask then wait 3-5 minutes to rinse off.  You can also use the Viox Facial Serum up to twice daily by applying in a soft circular motion onto your cleansed face and neck.  I have tried this with both scenarios  and this product works unbelievable. This facial serum will certainly help you with those wrinkles, sagging under the eyes and will provide you with immediate results. It’s truly a relief knowing that even if you inherit those not so wanted “bags” under your eyes there is help without have cosmetic surgery.


Viox Facial Cream is like putting on the ultimate cream that absorbs right into your skin. You can either apply this after your Viox Facial Serum or twice daily. This facial cream will help you rejuvenate your skin, it’s wonderful for toning and will keep your skin moisturized throughout your day. I have used this twice a day for the last 2 weeks and my results are outstanding. Living in a warm climate my skin gets so dry and usually will take tons of creams to keep my face hydrated but certainly now I have noticed that the Viox Facial Cream keeps my face smoove and has been gentle to my skin.

All three of these products work wonderful together or separately. I must say that reviewing these products has given me an opportunity to share my opinions with my readers. This certainly has been a one-of-a- kind opportunity and I am blessed in doing so.  For most ladies, we loved being pampered specially like having a day at a spa, getting those manicures or pedicures done. Those events don’t usually last long before you will be returning to do it over again. The products from dfi Aging can offer a convenience to apply their collections right from home, without having cosmetic surgery, spending repeatedly over the amount on creams, serums or masks and you still don’t see the results that you wanted. That theory is sometimes correct ” You pay for what you get” in this case you pay and you will get those results with dfi aging.

Besides their Viox collection, dfi AGING offers body lotions, scrubs, butters, they have a 60 second face lift that I am dying to try and ageless treatments, toners, or cleansers.

When it comes down to it, you are looking for the best of the best and dfi AGING has it!

For more information on how to order or purchase you may visit dfi AGING on their website.

Please take a moment to follow them on facebook, twitter and youtube.


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