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It’s that time of the year where your holiday shopping starts with a nice and new scent of a perfume or cologne.

That’s why I always turn to where I can get the latest brands and the best prices from FragranceNet.

I would like to thank FragranceNet. com for allowing me to review a comparison of the brand Thierry Mugler in exchange of this review.

All opinions are 100% my own.

I have worked with FragranceNet many times although with this review I wanted to share something different with my readers.

I do try to be fair and give my honest opinion on each fragrance that I am reviewing at that time.

But this time around I wanted to review a women’s and men’s fragrance from the brand Thierry Mugler.

Have you ever took a whiff of a mans cologne and said to yourself oh I wish that it comes in ladies scent? I certainly have!

Some of the mens colognes out there I would definitely wear.

I guess you can say that my husband loves buying cologne, he enjoys wearing the latest brands and newer scents. I don’t mind it at all. I love when a man smells good!

As for me, I love doing the same although I tend to purchase the same brands or scents. It’s almost like I am afraid to go outside my daily wearing scents to try something new.

That’s what great about FragranceNet. com you can search and find similar scents that you already know that you would wear or use. You can also locate a particular brand like Thierry Mugler then choose from the mens and ladies selections offered.

The brand designer Thierry Mugler has many different scents for both sexes which one of my all time favorites is Alien. I absolutely love that scent on me and so doesn’t my husband. One of most common perfumes that you might of heard of is Angel.

Angel continues to be very popular for men and women. In fact there is several different series of Angel available.

I chose Angel Aqua Chic for women and Angel Men Pure Shot to review.

Angel Aqua Chic for women gives you a clean and light scent. I was actually surprised when I first sprayed it on me. It did come out fairly quickly from the bottle and at first I said to myself no this scent is just not for me but after wearing it a few times I really liked the change. Aqua Chic is a perfume that does linger but it won’t last all day. This would be great for wearing during the day or perhaps while on vacation. It has a small citrus and fruity scent which I found it a refreshing change.


Angel Men Pure Shot will give your man in your life a great scent to start his day off right. It has a sporty scent that could be worn when he is most active. When my husband  first sprayed it on him he found it a light clean scent and thought it was definitely for casual daytime wear. For me, I instantly could smell “freshness” almost like he just step out the shower. Angel Men Pure Shot is a great cologne for men of all ages specially for selective teenagers. The Pure Shot also has a citrus and fruity scent. It’s not overbearing when worn either.


The Aqua Chic and Pure Shot were both introduced in 2012 from Thierry Mugler.

So as you can see, two different selections from the same designer brand. On the same platform as the scent goes. Not bad at all!

Both scents were light and casual great to use during the daytime for work or school.

Angel Aqua Chic retails for $85.00 but currently discounted with coupon for $32.46.

Angel Men Pure Shot retails for $72.00 and discounted with coupon for $57.96.

If your looking for a great change then come check out these two wonderful Thierry Mugler fragrances from FragranceNet. com

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lugzI received Lugz Mahala Boots for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

lugz boots

Ladies, our time is now! Lugz has recently expanded their women’s line full of new fall favorites.

Lugz are a well known brand for their premium boots and styles for men but nothing compares to these ladies boots and they are arriving just in time for the cooler temperatures.

When I think about footwear for myself I want to wear something that gives me comfort, style and not to heavy for my feet. Some shoes after wearing them your poor feet hurt afterwards and it’s not worth the pain to wear them again. That is something I always admired about the Lugz brand and their selections. They have so many styles and colors to fit everyone’s liking. Each season they offer the best in styles, colors and the best part they are affordable.


Just the name (Mahala) alone sounds so pretty and they are in person. These Mahala boots from Lugz are the most comfortable and warm boots that I have tried on. Just the fur lined inside alone will have your feet feeling like their walking on a fluffy cloud or being “pampered”. For me they almost feel like slippers. I could wear them all day long . When you think of the cooler temperatures and the season of fall , you look for warm clothing and something to snuggle in. These boots are just that.

Mahala comes in three different colors of charcoal (featured above in picture), chestnut/cream and black.

PicMonkey Collage091202

These boots have a suede feel with a wool and acrylic lining. I really like how the back of these boots have a stretch knit sweater material and 3 strap buckles on the back of the boot. I find it so much easier to get up and go when putting on these slip on boots. Nothing to tie or zip like most other boots on the market.


The Mahala boot would go great with a nice sweater, some jeans or even a skirt. This stylish boot would be ideal for ladies of any age. It’s available in women sizes 5 to 11.

Being like most women out there I always tend to have a difficulty when it comes to boots. The reason is my calves. I have one that is bigger than the other. So when I purchase boots I always feel like one is always tighter to get on than the other. Not with the Mahala. I had plenty of space on each boot. No struggling for me.

For the fall season, I love my browns, black and grey colors. They always seem to go with everything in my wardrobe. Wearing boots brings a fashion statement when wearing your clothes. I like when I get stopped and asked where did I get this or that. It’s makes me feel proud of choices in my fashionable clothing and wearing Lugz certainly gives me just that. I couldn’t be more pleased with the Mahala Boots. They are everything that I look for and wear.

For more information about Lugz and the women styles that they carry please visit them on their website.

Feel free to connect with them on facebook, twitter and pinterest.


Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case from Seen on TV is a absolute dream. Recently, I was thrilled to be given a chance to review this product and I am so excited to share with you my views.

As you might know and can relate getting your beauty sleep each night can be difficult at times specially if your restless or stressed before bedtime. If you have tried aromatherapy lotions or creams and still have insomnia then I got to tell you that The Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case is just what you need and have been looking for. I mean who would of thought that a Spa Pillow Case would relax you as you fall off to sleep. I can certainly say that I wouldn’t but now I do.

Being that this concept of The Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case has been designed by a medical doctor you will also feel relieved to know that this pillow case not only will relax you but will help decrease your sleep lines that leads to wrinkles. I don’t know about you but keeping my skin young and vibrant is something that I take seriously. We all know that we can’t stop time but we can surely delay it.

IMG_2765 - Copy

The Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case comes with 2 extremely soft and luxury feel pillow cases, an eye gel cooling mask, 3 scented aromatherapy bottles (vanilla, lavender and eucalyptus), and 36 diffusion strips. So you ask how does this work? All you need to do is place a few drops of your favorite scent from your aromatherapy bottles on a diffusion strip then you simply insert your strip inside your pillow case pocket and your done!  You will start smelling your favorite scent right away. A great feature is you can use your standard pillows since the spa pillow case will fit on it perfectly.


I must say that The Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case is by far my favorite to rest my head on. Nothing seems to compare to the relaxation that I get when sleeping on it. In fact, I recently took it with me while on vacation because I just couldn’t bare to leave it at home. I just love it and so doesn’t my husband.

For a great price of $19.95 you can pick up your own.

Visit Youth Perfect on their website and learn how you can purchase Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Cases for sizes of queen or king.


I would like to take this time to thank for allowing me to review one of their colognes that they carry for an exchange for my views. has wonderful brand name perfumes, colognes, skincare and beauty products. They even have gift sets, candles and hair care products too.

There awesome pricing is below retail and the best part is they can guarantee no knock off’s.

Being established and trusted since 1997 sure has made a wonderful reputation for providing great customer service and selling outstanding products for women and men.

Being that father’s day will be here in a few more weeks. I wanted to review a cologne that will give my female readers an idea what’s new for mens colognes. In today’s age many of us are so fixated on products for our children or trending women’s attire. But on this review I would like to take this time to salute our great dads out there that make every attempt to be the best positive role model for their children. Let’s face it ladies, we all love a man that smells wonderful. Now, I must admit that not all colognes give that same effect on each male out there but Marc Jacobs Bang Bang is a perfect selection to start at ladies.


When I told my husband that I chose Bang Bang fragrance from Marc Jacobs he was excited to test it out. I was more excited to smell it on him. My husband loves wearing and trying new colognes. I truly believe that his favorite pass time is collecting them just for those crazy looking bottles.   Normally he likes a sweet smelling fragrance but was intrigued by this brand name. We have both heard of Marc Jacobs being a icon for fashion, accessories and now fragrances but never personally owned a item of his until now.
When the bottle came in the mail I couldn’t wait to get that first sniff.  The bottle looks pretty “funky” like someone took a lock of blue ceramic tile and pounced the middle of it . Hence the name bang bang.. From the first spritz I could tell that my husband really liked it. I guess you can say that his smile said it all.  The cologne is light with a musk command to it. The fragrance also comes across as lemony with a sandalwood mid drift capped off with a cashmere musk.
The Bang Bang is a great fragrance for a working professional, nothing caps off that black business suit like a cologne that makes people take notice to the wearer. The fragrance would be great for any age group although it does contribute to a young or middle aged wearer. I think it would work with any environment perhaps on a power lunch , night on the town , date night or business meeting as well.
So with father’s day fast approaching this cologne would make a great gift, an awesome scent for him and a great fragrance for anyone who wishes to bask in this aroma.

I love this scent on my husband. I find myself keep asking him to use this cologne when we are going out because it’s my favorite by far! Marc Jacobs Bang Bang retails for $52.19 and is available in a 3.4 oz edt spray bottle.

You can visit on their website to view their awesome men colognes and take advantage of their free shipping for a limited time only when you sign up to receive their coupons via email.

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I would like thank dfi Aging for allowing me to review their 60 Second Facelift for free in exchange of my honest opinion.

Recently, I had another wonderful opportunity to review dfi Aging products and I can’t express to you enough how important it is to apply the right moisturizers, lotions, masks onto your face. I have tried numerous products in the past and nothing seems to work except the dfi Aging collection. It certainly amazes me how my face feels and looks after applying their products. I know age is something that we can not stop but we can certainly define our beauty by prolonging it.

At my age and certainly like most others we stress about our children, work, finances and life. That stress we endure becomes a permanent place onto our bodies and specially on our faces. As we grin or smile, those fine lines wrinkles start shining through and those very unhappy dark circles or “luggage” bags under our eyes are the worse. There has been mornings that I look at myself in the mirror and see those unwanted bags and they really stand right out. Feeling hopeless because cosmetic surgery is not something that I would do nor could I ever afford,  I turn to products that I can apply right from my own home .


I absolutely love dfi Aging 60 Second Facelift! I have never had a product that you could see the results this fast. It’s amazing!

dfi Aging’s 60 second facelift will give you that lift on your face that you need or have been looking for. Specially around your eyes, the upper and lower eye lids.

This 60 Second Facelift was developed by a world-renown MD with over 25 years dedicated to the field of non-surgical facelifts and impressive nonsurgical skincare solutions. Using this product will help you with your appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin will look so much younger, firmer, softer and smoother.


Before you apply your facelift application make sure your face is completely clean and dried off. Inside your box you will also receive a stirrer that is included. You must stir the product inside your container before applying to your face. By using your finger, smooth a very thin layer onto your applicable areas. It’s best if you apply the product with an up and down motion rather than circular. It’s advisable to leave your face without expression for at least 60 seconds. If you notice a white layer on your face then that means that you applied too much. You only need  a very little of this application in order to see results. dfi Aging recommends that you do not use lotions or any liquid products over the areas that you applied this too. You may use powder makeup.  By utilizing these simple directions then you should feel and see your results right away. In fact these results should last from 6 to 8 hours depending on skin types. Each time that you apply this to your face it will help you improve your skin from further damage and you will reach your long term goal which is improving your skin to a more youthful look.


dfi Aging has some wonderful products to help us stay younger. Along with their 60 second facelift they have facial peels, cell renewal treatments, cleaners, toners, eye creams, body butter and so many amazing others to their collections. I feel very honored and thrilled to have received this opportunity to share the excitement of this review with my readers. I said this in my previous Viox collection review on dfi Aging products you certainly get the best of the best when it comes to their aging products. You will feel confident in your appearance after you have used their products. They have honestly made me feel and look so much younger.

You can visit dfi Aging on their website to find out more information on the 60 second facelift and how to purchase this collection for your own.

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I would like to thank dfi AGING for allowing me to review their facial care products.

Ladies, I need to let you know what you have been missing! Let me just start off my saying that not all aging products are the same. In fact that statement “you get what you pay for” is beyond true when it comes to beauty and aging defying products. I have tested many brands and I must say that some do work as directed but others fail then you find yourself purchasing and testing more products that can be more costly than effective.

Let’s face it ladies getting older surely is no picnic , yes we do our best to stay fit, balance life with our jobs, kids you name it we do it all. Keeping our skin young, toned, and vibrant is something we all are seeking.  Well, I would like to introduce to you dfi AGING.

dfi AGING is an high effective skincare line that has been scientifically formulated by a world renowned medical surgeon who has been in practice for over 40 years. This surgeon has worked with a number of  celebrities and royal clients worldwide. He has dedicated over 25 years in providing non surgical facelifts and impressive nonsurgical skincare solutions. The results come from a best kept secret ingredient called Zeolite.

 Zeolite is an a natural and ancient wonder and is also  recognized for curative properties that detoxify, restores your PH levels and increases nutrient absorption. Zeolite is also used to treat medical skin conditions such as dermatitis, prurigo and  psoriasis.

Viox, another product of dfi AGING’S facial care collection consists of

  • Viox Eye Cream Gel
  • Viox Facial Cream
  • Viox Facial Serum
  • Viox Thermal Action Mask

Out of this collection I reviewed the Facial Cream, Facial Serum and the Thermal Action Mask.

PicMonkey Collage0425


Can I just say that this Viox Thermal Action Mask is truly remarkable. I have never had used a mask that makes my skin feel so young and vibrant like the Viox Thermal Action Mask has done.


I must admit that using this once a week , for the past 2 weeks I can already see the difference. Most of you know how a mask works and how we apply it, but using these simple instructions will have you looking and feeling great!.  First you clean your face thoroughly, rinse and keep wet. Then you apply a evenly layer Viox Thermal Action Mask  and let set for 2-3 minutes.  You will instantly feel the warmth coming from this Thermal Mask. It’s not a overwhelming feeling or something you would bother your skin but you will have a warming sensation.


The Viox Thermal Action Mask compliments the Viox Facial Serum. After you have finished with the Thermal Mask then you would apply the Viox Facial Serum on top of the mask then wait 3-5 minutes to rinse off.  You can also use the Viox Facial Serum up to twice daily by applying in a soft circular motion onto your cleansed face and neck.  I have tried this with both scenarios  and this product works unbelievable. This facial serum will certainly help you with those wrinkles, sagging under the eyes and will provide you with immediate results. It’s truly a relief knowing that even if you inherit those not so wanted “bags” under your eyes there is help without have cosmetic surgery.


Viox Facial Cream is like putting on the ultimate cream that absorbs right into your skin. You can either apply this after your Viox Facial Serum or twice daily. This facial cream will help you rejuvenate your skin, it’s wonderful for toning and will keep your skin moisturized throughout your day. I have used this twice a day for the last 2 weeks and my results are outstanding. Living in a warm climate my skin gets so dry and usually will take tons of creams to keep my face hydrated but certainly now I have noticed that the Viox Facial Cream keeps my face smoove and has been gentle to my skin.

All three of these products work wonderful together or separately. I must say that reviewing these products has given me an opportunity to share my opinions with my readers. This certainly has been a one-of-a- kind opportunity and I am blessed in doing so.  For most ladies, we loved being pampered specially like having a day at a spa, getting those manicures or pedicures done. Those events don’t usually last long before you will be returning to do it over again. The products from dfi Aging can offer a convenience to apply their collections right from home, without having cosmetic surgery, spending repeatedly over the amount on creams, serums or masks and you still don’t see the results that you wanted. That theory is sometimes correct ” You pay for what you get” in this case you pay and you will get those results with dfi aging.

Besides their Viox collection, dfi AGING offers body lotions, scrubs, butters, they have a 60 second face lift that I am dying to try and ageless treatments, toners, or cleansers.

When it comes down to it, you are looking for the best of the best and dfi AGING has it!

For more information on how to order or purchase you may visit dfi AGING on their website.





I would like to thank Mally for allowing me to review her beauty products and allowing me to share my views with my readers.

Many of you might of seen Mally and her awesome beauty products on QVC. She is an amazing world known make up artist that has specialized in working with many celebrities. She got her start at a young age and  knew what her passion was when she began experimenting with makeup on her mother. She didn’t stop from there.

Mally knew how important it was to her in achieving her love and passion of beauty. For the past seven years, she has made the “impossible” possible while giving what every women wants and more in makeup. Her mission is to empower women with knowledge and tools to help them find the beauty within.

Mally has made her products user friendly so we can all benefit from using them. She currently has over 1,000 products in her beauty line to help any woman define her unique beauty.

On Mally’s website you will find her tips on applying makeup for your eyes, lips, body and so much more. I could just sit there and watch her all day. Her tips seem to be easy to learn and I do recommend watching them as well. Any tips that could help us is always a good thing!

I don’t know about you but I can never find a mascara that will define my eyes, or give my lashes volume until now. Mally’s Volumizing Mascara gives my lashes the look that I have been waiting for.  The best part is you don’t need to over due it to get great results.



What I also loved about this Volumizing Mascara is how easy it was to take off at the end of the day. As you know, when using other brands sometimes you feel your lashes are stuck together or hard from the mascara it’s self. Not with Mally’s it really does give you a full natural look without over doing it. At a wonderful retail price of $20 who can go wrong. At the moment this Volumizing Mascara is available in the color black only.

I also had the opportunity to review Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. At first I was wondering how to use it because I have never seen something like this before but what made me stop and think was the texture of this colorless defender. It was so clear yet in a silky form.



The defender works wonders when you need to put on the finishing touches for your make up. It is recommended that you do not spread on top of your makeup but use the sponge provided to softly pat around your much needed areas such as nose and your inner corners of your eyes. When I was applying this defender it gave me a more even finish without it becoming dry or ashy like some powders can.

I recommended that once you first try this that you use a little at a time. You certainly do not need a lot to get the finish that you are looking for. The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender retails for $40 and is available to purchase on their website.

All over I enjoyed reviewing both these products and I do recommend them to my readers.

For more information on both these products please visit Mally on her website.

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Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to review dpl® Nüve from LED Technologies. But first I would like to share with you my thoughts on LED Technologies and their products.

LED Technologies with consumers in mind has brought they’re theory of “The power’s in the light, the secret is the science” to a reality as they bring you two amazing products called the DPL ® Nüve  Therapy System and dpl® Nüve  They have designed both products to be used in the comfort of your own home. Both products can be utilized to help reverse signs of aging and temporary relief from muscle aches and pains. It is also mild to modern acne. In addition to these products LED Technologies offers accessories such as pain relief creams, deep and advanced serums. The DPL® Nüve Therapy System and dpl® Nüve  (handheld) are both FDA cleared. So that means they are both available without a prescription and are considered a Class 2 medical device.


The dpl® Nüve  is a non invasive, drug free therapy which can be applied to your individual needs. So you ask how does it work? By using this system for just 14 minutes a day you will find relief in your muscles, joints, pain related to arthritis or back pain. It will increase  your circulation as it relieves and relaxes your muscles. Sounds heavenly right? The Nüve utilizes red infrared Led wavelengths and has been based on NASA research to treat pain. Here are some ideas on what you could use the dpl® Nüve on:

  • Inflammation
  • Spasms & Knots
  • Nerve Injuries
  • Stress & Strain
  • Wrist & Shoulder Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Swelling & Bruises
  • Neck Pain & Stiffness
  • And so much more


For about 2 weeks, I used this product on my husband’s neck and shoulder due to his pinched nerve. As recommended, I placed the dpl Nuve handheld on his target areas for about 14 minutes each day during this time frame. On the initial use my husband told me that he could feel the heat coming from red infrared Led lights. As I held the handheld to his areas I did not feel discomfort nor did I feel any heat from holding it. It was cool to the touch on the handle. I did noticed that the fan inside of the Nuve did come on during this session. During the first week of use, my husband started to feel the discomfort and pain around those areas diminishing. By the end of the 2nd week his pitch nerve felt less noticeable. Since the duration of this review I have continued to use the Nuve twice a week on my husbands target areas and he says he feels great. Since this product gives temporary relief I feel it has worked wonderful on him and I would highly recommend it.

The benefits that owning this dpl® Nüve is:

  • It’s all natural
  • Non invasive
  • Portable (easy to travel with)
  • Heats up fast
  • Easy to use by all
  • No side effects
  • Safe
  • Automatic turn off at 25 minutes

Inside the box you will receive the dpl® Nüve  (handle), A/C power adapter, treatment head, carrying bag and user manual.

The dpl® Nüve retails for $179.99 and is on sale for $159.99  but can be purchased for a special price of $99.00 by visiting their website. 

What a deal!

It’s also available at, Walgreen’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Please feel free to follow LED Technologies on facebook and twitter.





Beauty Fix By Dermstore offers a way for you to get cosmetics that you need and are recommended for you only. Sounds Great Huh!

So you ask how does this work? Well by visiting  Beauty Fix website you can set up account and answer a few questions which only takes a few minutes. Next, based on how you answered the previous questions Beauty Fix will then select and hand pick their products for you. Lastly, from the selections that were given you can choose any items and still pay only $49.99 w/ free shipping. Now, before you said wow that is too expensive to pay I look it like this, you will be getting 8 high quality cosmetics that have been hand selected just for you and if you break it down your only paying $6.25 for each product. If you go to a retail store I am sure you will spend more then that if you bought these separately . It’s an awesome deal if you asked me.

I am happy to share with you my selections that I have picked to review.


  • Makeup Finishing Spray

This 4oz original makeup saver helps with holding your eyeshadow, blush, foundation and concealer. I liked how light it felt when I sprayed it on. The Makeup Finishing Spray is oil and paraben free. Awesome Product!

  • Line Tamer

If your looking for some help with those deep wrinkles then Line Tamer is your product. I liked how it is time release and can reduce wrinkles by 45% in 6 weeks.

  • Neu Lash

Want long fuller lashes? Well Neu Lash is an enhancing serum that you apply to your lashes to give them a healthy and longer look. I thought that is works awesome and I could see the difference after one application.

  • Pedi Buffer

This all in one pedi buffer comes in an black mandarin bamboo scent and works wonderful as it cleans, buffs, softens and detoxifys your feet. One bar will last up to 20 washes. I loved how soft and refreshed my feet felt after I used this buffer.

  • Cattiva Mascara

Ladies, we are always looking for that awesome mascara that will help make your eyes just pop  out Right? The Cattiva Mascara comes in a 0.45fl oz bottle and is applied to your eyelashes with ease. You don’t need too much because a little will go along way. Great Mascara!

  • Guinot Peeling Gel

Guinot Biological Peeling Gel works well with all skin types. You apply this to your face and neck then rinse with water. I think it smells wonderful and made my skin feel super soft.

  • Global Goddess Eye Shadow

I am not one to brag but this  Divine eye shadow looked amazing on me. It has a brownish color and is infused with white tea. Love it!

  • Jane Iredale Shimmer Powder

This 24- karat gold dust shimmer powder looks beautiful on your cheeks. The color of rose gold blended well with my foundation and just a little shimmer goes a long way.

These make great gifts for valentines day, birthday and for a lucky bride to be.

You can find Beauty Fix by Dermstore on facebook, twitter and pinterest.

Please feel free to visit them on their website to receive more information.




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