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Dressing up is so much fun specially while using your imagination. It doesn’t need to be halloween or attending a themed party to put on a costume.

That’s the fun part of it. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is to express yourself in a fun way!

I received the Mad Hatter Costume in exchange of this review. All opinions are mine and are solely used for this purpose only.

I know as a parent, I notice that each year there’s a new theme available for children and adults. It never seems to surprise me the huge selections that are available. It really makes it fun looking and getting ideas on what to choose.  I’ve been to many adult themed birthday parties and I have to say that it’s always been fun dressing up with my husband but sometimes it really does take more time looking at each local store for all my costume needs. By the time I choose all my accessories I’ve been to three or four different stores. I am sure you can relate. That’s what great about online shopping at Costume You will find what you been looking for and all accessories are right there to choose.

Costume specializes in costumes and party supplies. You can find costumes for children, adults, pets and they also carry plus sizes. For accessories you will find wigs, makeup, props, masks and much more. The party supply section covers anything from tablecloths, napkins, plates, banners, balloons and party favors. They really do make it so convenient to shop all in one place to make your purchases.

What can I say who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland! I mean if you were to fall into a rabbit hole  that’s the place I’d rather be. Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland has fun characters like the Queen of Hearts, Chester the cat, Tweedle Dum and of course the Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter

My daughter loves dressing up and pretending. That’s why I thought the Mad Hatter costume would be perfect for her. It’s very girly with having a pink oversized top hat and a big green bow on the front of the dress. This costume is not heavy it’s actually very thin. I ordered a size 7-8  figuring it would give her plenty of room but it was slightly tighter than other costumes that she has. It has two cute tea cups on the dress and an attached petticoat underneath.

The fabric does not stretch so it will be more form fitting. The dress itself is made out of fabric and the top part of the dress appears to be plastic.

Over all I’m giving this costume a 3 out of 5 stars. The Mad Hatter costume retails for $24.97 but currently with a 15% off discount code X15 it’s $21.22.

The Mad Hatter costume is available for girl sizes medium (7-8) and large (10-12).

If your looking for costumes, be sure to check out Costume Supercenter. com for all your needs.

Be sure to follow Costume on facebook, twitter and pinterest.

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Florsheim is a well known brand for mens and boys footwear.  Offering high quality shoes for men and boys since 1892.

Milton Florsheim started his company back in 1892 in a small factory in Chicago, Illinois. His shoes were so popular that they were featured in magazines and newspapers. He was known to supply boots to American Soldiers for their durability and high quality footwear. It was in 1931 when Mr. Florsheim expanded his footwear line for women. He has also made custom made golf shoes for the United States Rider Cup Team. His footwear was so popular that in 1966 Florsheim shoes would be sold every four seconds. That’s truly remarkable.

In 2002, Florsheim shoes was purchased by Weyco Group. The senior officers of this company are a fifth generation of Florsheim. They stand proudly and still honor the Florsheim traditions.

Even til this day Florsheim stands strong on craftsmanship, fashion designs, modern and comfortable footwear.


Meridan Jr is a closed toe sandal that provides happiness in both worlds. It’s a great rugged shoe that still offers ventilation during warmer months.

Great for the playground, school, camping, beach or everyday wear. The Meridan Jr is available in colors of navy or brown and in sizes 10 toddler to 6 boys.

ej shoes5

What I admired about the Meridan Jr is the ability for my son to use the velcro on the back of the heel and around the ankle to give him the flexibility to release or tighten the straps when needed.

I also liked how the bottoms of the Meridan Jr sandal has traction which is great for a active boy like mine.

Ej shoes 3

The front of this sandal has an elastic shoe string that can be loosened to give some extra width room. That also means no shoes laces to tie or worry if your son will trip over them.

ej shoes1

Another great feature is this shoe is water resistant so if your son steps in a puddle and gets them wet you won’t need to worry about the shoes becoming frail or falling apart.

Over all, Meridan Jr is a shoe that is built to last and are season friendly.

For more information about Meridan Jr please visit Florsheim Kids on their website.

Meridan Jr retails for $55.00.

Feel free to follow Florsheim on facebook, twitter and Instagram.

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Spring is here! That means warmer weather and fresh air of the outdoors.

I just love dressing my daughter in sun dresses and sandals. That is why I recommend Umi Shoes for your children.

Each season they offer the best and latest styles of footwear for your young ones.

What’s great about Umi Shoes is how they can offer boys and girls sizes starting from birth til youth with all their stylish and colorful shoes.

Umi Shoes believes in high quality materials and leathers during their craftsmanship of these shoes. In fact, with each consumer in mind they express the importance of each milestone.

They know how important it is for us parents to give our children the best in comfort when it comes to their walking shoes.  I admire Umi Shoes for their durability and how my children still has room to grow with wearing the footwear.  I have purchased many different styles and brands but sadly to say the didn’t last very long. With Umi Shoes, you can count on their shoes to be roomy enough for their little feet to grow.


Cora is available in different colors like white, silver, blue, gold, fuschia and cognac.

These buckle strapped sandals are great to wear during the spring and summer. They can be worn with capri pants, shorts or a dress.

My daughter who is five just loves shoes. She is very independent when it comes to choosing or selecting her footwear. She loves for her shoes to match with her daily outfits to school and if it doesn’t match she does let me know. The Cora is very easy for her to put on and off. It’s a slip on sandal that offers a velcro strap around the ankle with a hook and loop strap closure.


These Cora shoes are great for any little girl that likes to run, skip and play.  I found that my daughter feels secure when she plays outside while wearing them. The color cognac is a neutral color that really goes with anything. I like how this shoe has a open toe which gives her great ventilation for her feet specially when it’s warmer out. Even though these are sandals they still offer awesome support and gives cushion to her feet.

Umi shoes2

So if your looking for a high quality shoe and that is perfect for the spring or summer season then come check out the Cora collection by Umi Shoes.

You can view this style and many beautiful others by visiting Umi Shoes on their website.

Please feel free to follow Umi Shoes on facebook, twitter and pinterest.




build a bear workshop

As you might of known, Build a Bear Workshop is a place where children can make their bears and characters come alive.

By hand choosing their favorite clothing and accessories these bears, animals or characters become a wonderful and loveable memory for your child.

At each Build a Bear Workshop locations (which can be found throughout the U.S. , Canada and Puerto Rico) you will find your perfect bear that needs your love.

The staff is very welcoming and helpful as they assist your child with choosing his or hers selections. They are truly eager to let your child use their imagination, bring a smile on their faces and not to mention how actually fun it is to build them. I guess that is why Build a Bear Workshop has been honored to be on the list of the fortune 100 for the best companies to work for in 2014 for 6 years in a row. Wow! That is just wonderful!

Build a Bear Workshop has been a staple in my family. My daughter gets so tickled when she hears the word Build a Bear Workshop or sees a commercial on TV.

There is always new characters coming out so with Build a Bear Workshop your collection can be endless but well worth it.

They really do take the time when designing or choosing the accessories for collections just like their New Disney Princess Palace Pets.

In my opinion, These are simply gorgeous! As of right now they have two Palace Pets but I really can see Build a Bear Workshop extending their selections.

Meet Pumpkin:


Pumpkin is Cinderella’s Palace Pet. Cinderella met Pumpkin on her first anniversary at the palace when received by the prince. Pumpkin loves her new home and the palace lifestyle.

She enjoys dancing to music.  Pumpkin is a silky white puppy with a small brown nose and big blue eyes.

Her available accessories are Blue fancy dress, Silver gem shoes and a 3 piece accessory kit which includes a crown, jeweled collar and blue tailed bow.

For review purposes only I received Treasure.

Meet Treasure:


Treasure is Ariel’s Palace Pet. She shines and sparkles like no other curious and playful kitten. Her soft coral red fir stands right out against her fancy purple dress and shiny lavender flat shoes. Treasure has beautiful blue eyes, pink nose and a fluffy tail. She also has a heart with a princess crown on her side. Also available is her 3 piece accessory kit that includes a sea shell jeweled crown, a sea shell collar and a detailed purple sea flower bow for her tail.


I wanted to take a close up of Treasure to show you how detailed her face and markings are. She is stunning!

Her dress and accessories are spot on with Ariel from the Little Mermaid. The colors of purple and sea green are perfect.


The sea flower on the fluffy tail is such a nice touch. I really liked how that was presented. The fancy purple and sea green dress blended well with each other.

The dazzling crown on her head just gives Treasure that completed look.

My daughter brought Treasure into her pre school class and all the children had a “wow” look to their faces. They wanted to play with Treasure which made my daughter Autumn so thrilled and proud to own her. She never leaves home without taking her and she feels special when asked about Treasure.

I wanted to thank Build a Bear Workshop for allowing me to review Treasure in exchange of this review.

To find out more information about Build a Bear Workshop and these new Disney Princess Palace Pets please visit them on their website.

Be sure to follow them on facebook, twitter, pinterest and you tube.

Disney Princess Palace Pets Treasure retail for $25.00. Complete with accessories is $66.00.

Stay tuned for your chance to win your very own $25 Bear Bucks Gift Card.

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keterI wanted to thank Keter for allowing me to work with them in exchange of this Handz on Desk review.

All opinions are 100% my own.

Keter is known for their craftsmanship of durable plastic storage, furniture and organization products. They are one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to resin based household items.

They strongly believe with making these wonderful and useful products they will help consumers improve with their daily living.

Keter is a proud member of the Keter Holdings LTD that has been a global enterprise for over 60 years. Currently, their products are sold in 90 countries world wide. That is simply amazing!

Keter specializes in outdoor furniture, storage for your tools and more. Their selections of outdoor or Indoor storage are extremely useful for all your gardening or lawn needs.

They have recently expanded their line that now includes children’s products.

Keter now offers wonderful playtime toys for your children like playhouses, items for the young and active like their Boogie Slide, Sand & Water Play Table and Creative Play Table.

They also have milestone products for children like their baby bath seat, high chair and booster seats.

Handz on Keter

Handz On is a wonderful product for your children to start using their creative side. This all in one desk will have your little one making their masterpieces in no time.

Comes complete with the attached seat, a writing area, a place to put their crayons, markers, paints, shapes and other accessories in. The Handz On was extremely easy to put together. In fact, most of the pieces just needed to be snapped together. That is what I admire about Keter is how they really make it easy for their consumers to place their items together.

Handz On has a sturdy bench and foot stool. It’s durable so you know it has been built to last. Since it’s made from resin plastic this would be easy enough to clean for spills or during clean up.

I found it easy to also remove the trays and they are dishwasher safe.


The two hand prints can be used to hold your child’s paint in. The cups can removed or used with the spill proof holder. The cookie cutters have different shapes and the Handz On also includes a rolling pin with a safe plastic knife. It certainly has all the tools that your child needs to become a wonderful artist.


I really like how sturdy this desk is. I have purchased desks for my children before and nothing that I have ever own even comes close to the durability of this Handz On desk.

That is what parents look for when purchasing items like this for their children. The last thing we want for our kids is for them to get hurt or the desk fall apart.

You will not find that an issue in this Handz On desk.

My daughter who is 4 fits perfectly when sitting on this. I so would recommend any child over the age of 3 to use it. This model can be also given and used by a boy or a girl.

They do offer this desk in pink as well.  It measures 30.71 in width x 24.8 in dimensions x 22.83 in height. So it’s a great size for children to use.

This would be an ideal gift to give during this holiday season. My daughter loves sitting, drawing and making pictures for me.

Now she has her own personal space to be creative while being an artist.

You can find the Hand On Desk available on Hayneedle (dot) com and retails for $89.99 with free shipping.

You may also use Keter’s website to see and search all the different categories of children’s products that they have to offer.

Please take a moment and follow Keter on facebook, twitter and you tube.

hearthsongI would like to thank HearthSong for allowing me to review their Sparkle Fairy Wings Lounge Pillow in exchange of this review.

All opinions are 100% my own.

HearthSong is celebrating 30 years and giving consumers the best choices when it comes to children’s toys. Each item that they offer is unique to your child’s age and category preference. They have classic toys like Deluxe Block or Domino Sets. HearthSong also offers some of the best vintage toys for the young at heart.

Their selections range from educational toys, outdoor play toys, dolls and doll houses. HearthSong is a website that I could just browse all day long.

One of the categories that I admire is their wide selection of pretend and play toys. I know as a mom, I love to watch my little girl play and use her imagination.

It’s fun for me to see her explore and imagine while she is playing with her toys.


The Sparkle Fairy Wings Lounge Pillow is perfect for any little girl to have.

The plush and cuddly cushion will have your little diva all snuggled up while reading her favorite book or watching television.

The unique enchanting embroidery that lays across the top and centered is in a shimmery silver color finish and is absolutely beautiful. In the middle is a perfect shaped pink heart.

On the back of the lounger you will see the same enchanting silver embroidery. Just beautiful!

The word “believe” is scripted on the corner which gives it a charming accent to the lounger.

The Sparkle Fairy Wings Lounger resembles a fairy’s wings. This would be great for those that have a love for fairy’s or may already have an enchantment bedroom.

Great for children ages 3 and up.  I thought the size of the Sparkle Fairy Loungers was perfect for my princess who is 4 years old.

PicMonkey Collage2

You can easily place it on the floor, use it while sitting up in the bed or perhaps on your couch for some extra support.

It measures 25″W x 21″H.

The Sparkle Fairy Wings Lounger retails for $49.98 but currently at the time of this review is $44.98.

This would be a wonderful gift for a child to have. Attach a few books with a bow or ribbon around it and now you have a beautiful holiday gift.

HearthSong has such a wide selection of loungers for children.

Please take a moment and visit their website and see everything that have to offer.

You can follow HearthSong on facebook, twitter, pinterest.

429208_10150724168515166_912557776_aI would like to thank Build A Bear Workshop for allowing me to review their new My Little Pony Fluttershy in exchange of this review.

All opinions are 100% my own.

Build A Bear Workshop can be found in most U.S. shopping malls and online. They have the best of best when it comes to their lovable and hugable stuffed friends.

In the stores, you can select and pick your favorite stuffed toy such as the cuddly teddy bear in all sorts of sizes and colors. They also have animals and limited edition characters for the upcoming holiday season. For accessories you can find shoes, boots, hair, hair clips, crowns, clothing for your bear and the list of accessories goes on and on. It really does amaze me how Build A Bear Workshop can offer such a wide variety of choices and how beautiful your stuffed animal will look when they are all “dressed” up. They are unbelievable!

Plus, you also have that option to add sound to your bear or favorite character. It’s so much fun for children of all ages.

Right now in most retail stores, you will experience a new and fun way on how to build your bear.

Wonderful things are in store for you when you visit your local Build A Bear Workshop.

PicMonkey Collage1101

Meet Fluttershy a new edition to the My Little Pony Collection. Currently, Build A Bear Workshop and with the help of Hasbro now offers Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Princess Twlight Sparkle. Starting on November 29th, you will be able to purchase Fluttershy. She’s a perfect addition to your My Little Pony collection.


 Fluttershy has a pink mane and has a soft yellow coat. Her wings have glitter on them which makes them stand right out. When I received Fluttershy she was fully dressed with sequence white shoes, a pretty green & blue flower collar with matching ear clip and a dazzling green with blue cape.

When my daughter took Fluttershy out of her box she said mommy “oh I love her” “she is so pretty”. In fact, she would not let go of her for me to take these pictures. She had to hold her tight to make sure I didn’t take Fluttershy away. The next day my daughter took Fluttershy to her preschool class so she could show Fluttershy to her friends and teachers. They couldn’t believe how adorable she was all “dressed” up. It really goes to show you as a parent that children still have a love for stuffed animals. I know with my daughter she loves playing with her Build A Bear Workshop collection. They certainly are a much safer toy for them to play with.

Build A Bear Workshop has seasonal bears and characters such as their Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Clarice, Santa, Merry Mouse and even Elves. These would make a wonderful holiday gift for any child to receive.

Please visit Build A Bear Workshop on their website to find out more information on pricing and how to purchase one of these timeless treasures.

Follow Build A Bear Workshop on facebook, twitter, pinterest and youtube.



educational toys planet

I would like to thank Educational Toys Planet for allowing me to review their SeaScope Land and Underwater Telescope for an exchange for this review.
All opinions are 100% my own.


Educational Toys Planet is a wonderful online store that offers amazing educational learning toys and tools to help your children of all ages. On their website, you will find categories that you need to help achieve your child that skill that they need to become successful learners. Items like Arts & Crafts, Puzzles, Science and Activity Kits also many teaching resources are available for any parent to use.  These resources will help your child with their fine motor skills, physical and cognitive development.  On the Educational Toys Planet website you will find well known brands like Mellisa & Doug, Learning Resources, Alex Toys, Guide Craft, Tomy and so many great others.



SeaScope Land and Underwater Telescope by Educational Insights gives your little explorer the tools that he needs to view what’s beneath the water surface. Great for pools, lakes, streams and even classroom assignments this 4x telescope with a snap on Aqualite flashlight can help your children see through murky dark waters.

All you have to do is attach the telescope to the SeaScope tube to magnify the sights of the underwater world. You can even use the attached thermometer to check and collect more information about the environment your in. How cool!



This water observation toy is great for ages 5 and up. It helps with learning more about biology and science when observing, exploring while using their thinking skills.

The SeaScope Land – Underwater Telescope toy does require AA batteries which are not included.

My son loves the underwater telescope. Being that we live in Florida this will be used all year long. He tried it out in our pool and can not wait to try it out at a lake near our home. It’s a fun toy that will have him using his imagination and thinking skills to see the sea life under the waters. I am not sure about your children but my son loves to explore. He is very curious why and how things are made. In fact he said “Mom how did they make this SeaScope and Underwater Telescope to work under the water” “But mom it has batteries”. I’ve always taught him not to play with his toys with batteries around water because they might get damaged. I assured him that this toy was made to play with in the water. He loves it! Greatly made and durable to last.

If your looking to purchase the Sea Scope- Underwater Telescope feel free to visit Educational Toys Planet on their website.

This amazing toy retails for $29.99 but currently is on sale for $28.67.

Want to stay in contact with Educational Toys Planet? Follow them on facebook, twitter and pinterest.






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