Child Grooms in Nepal forces boys to be dads too soon #CAREKnowsHow


With Father’s Day approaching, I want to reach out to my readers with this message about Child Grooms in Nepal and what this should mean to you.

This heart wrenching story can be very upsetting to learn about but it’s necessary to take action and create awareness about the on going Child Grooms in Nepal. Learn how young boys under the age of 18 and in some cases young as 7 are forced to get married at a early age -AND then become father’s shortly after puberty.  Sadly, this also goes for girls becoming Child Brides.

child grooms
Photo credit CARE.ORG

Many of these children had never experienced childhood. Since the odds were against them, they had to quit school as they are forced to tend to their farming villages and spend days doing home chores. These young girls are forced to live with their husband’s parents which makes this situation difficult as they endure domestic violence and complications from child birth.

Along with living in poverty, these Child Grooms just like a man named Parashuram has endured many heartfelt situations. He was forced to marry at the age of 9. During the wedding, he wet himself because he had no idea how to untie his ceremonial garments to use the bathroom. When Parashuram was 12 years old, he was pressured to produce a child and he hadn’t hit puberty yet.  It was stressful time for this young boy because he felt that he couldn’t do what was expected of him. How sad and unfair!


Photo Credit Child Groom Care
Photo Credit CARE.ORG


As painful as these story are to read, there is hope for the next generation of children in Nepal. Past child grooms have now surfaced as energetic voices in the movement to end child marriage in Nepal. They’re actions have proven to be effective at reducing child marriages.

On April 25th, Nepal was devastated by a earthquake  It was one that made headlines. Along with support and donations from all over the globe, commitments from CARE.ORG was there to help recover and rebuild.

CARE. ORG  is a leading humanitarian organization that fights global poverty with a commitment to empowering women and girls. Through CARE’s ambition and mission, they serve individuals as well as families in the poorest communities around the world. Through this amazing organization, they seek hope, tolerance and social justice specially in areas where poverty has overcome. Their presents allows people to live in dignity and feel secure. CARE also distributes relief in emergency situations.

Here is another touching story about MATHURA DHOBI. He married when he was 12 years old and his wife SHIVNANDANI was 10 years old. To support his family MATHURA dropped out of school in the 8th grade to toil in the paddy fields. Hear how MATHURA explains his story in the video below.


Together as a nation we can make a difference. No child should be forced to marry at a early age. Help CARE by raising awareness of this cause. By signing and sending a letter to congress, you have helped. Raising your voices will help end child marriages  of today.

Just look at these statistics.

Photo Credit CARE.ORG


Forcing children to marry at a young age is against human rights and is a violation.  Congress agrees but we need your help to make sure they know this needs to be a priority.

Complete the form, send a letter to your representatives and senators to support this allocation in their budget.

I’m ending this article with the hopes that my readers have learned more about this cause and how important it is for many children. Allowing them to have childhoods, attend schools to get an education and letting them decide when is the right time to marry.


Please comment and let me know how you feel about child marriages?


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Michele is a Florida-based recipe creator, travel buff, and lifestyle advocate. Who believes in creating easy recipes without sacrificing the flavor of each culture. She adores her family, the warm Florida sun, and wearing flip flops.
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Michele is a Florida-based recipe creator, travel buff, and lifestyle advocate. Who believes in creating easy recipes without sacrificing the flavor of each culture. She adores her family, the warm Florida sun, and wearing flip flops.


  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I can't imagine children getting married like this. Marriage is hard enough for adults. Kids aren't equipped to handle any part of a marriage.
  • Christy Maurer

    It is just heart wrenching to read stories like this. I am so so grateful that I live in a country where this is not the norm. We had a missionary to Nepal several years ago who told stories about what it is like. My daughter and I support a child in Bolivia through Compassion. It just takes one person to save one person and on and on. Thanks for raising awareness!
  • Jeanine

    I couldn't even explain my thoughts on child marriages to you. It's not for children, and the fact children so young are getting married - just no. The fact that the words "forcing to marry" are written shows how wrong it is. Marriage shouldn't be forced upon ANYONE let alone children.
  • Tanya C.

    My heart is breaking for Napal and these babies. These children need someone to come in and rescue them NOW. I wish I could do more then just sign a petition and pray.
  • Sandy KS

    This makes me cry. No child should be forced to marry. Children don't have the knowledge or resources to marry and provide for a family at a young age.
  • Liz Mays

    I know marrying very young was common in every culture long ago and it's sad to know some cultures still need help moving on. It would be great make education more readily available so more people don't get stuck in this cycle.
  • Laura Hinckley

    How sad. I can't believe in this day and age it is still tolerated. Gives me a sense of being thankful to live in the United States and have our freedoms and liberty. What a world we live in sometimes. :(
  • Ourfamilyworld

    It's so sad that these things happen, not just in Nepal, but in other parts of the world. And not just to boys, even the girls are forced to work at a very tender age.
  • Alli

    This is heartbreaking and simply should not be allowed! It's child abuse and it has to stop. Thanks for bringing this matter to the forefront. So sad.
  • Joanne T Ferguson

    While I can respect other people's cultures and customs, marrying at such an early age is wrong and unless I got confused, children as young as 7? That is so wrong, but then again, I have a Westerners point of view!
  • Heather @mommyonlyhas2hands

    My first son is already 7 now, this is really sad for all children that suffer to be a dad soon. I can't see my son in that way.
  • Chris G

    It's hard to believe that other cultures would continue doing stuff like this living in the world that we live in even though it's normal for "them" but unheard of here.
  • Michellette "MimiCuteLips" Green

    This breaks my heart, my son is 10 and I can't imagine him being in this situation. He has so much to learn and maturing that he needs being a father. My heart hurts for these kids in Nepal. Something has to be done.
  • Lynndee

    He was forced to marry at 9? Oh my goodness! What do these kids know about marriage?! That is so sad, and it is definitely child abuse.
  • Ann Bacciaglia

    It is terrible that kids are not able to enjoy their childhood and just be kids. I can not imagine being forsed to get married as a child or an adult.
  • Uplifting Families

    Wow, that is crazy that kids have to end up marrying and becoming parents at a very young age. This cannot be healthy for them. I know that at 8 or 9 years old, that I would not have been ready for such commitments. I do realize that this is another country. Hopefully, things will change and the kids over there will be able to be kids for a bit longer.
  • Kelly Hutchinson

    My youngest is twice that age and I could not imagine him being married. This is a crazy practice and I cannot believe it even exists.
  • Jessica Simms

    Wow this is so sad, these children never got the chance to fall in love at their own will. Thats when its at it's beautifulest state! How sad!
  • lisa @bitesforbabies

    What an eye-opening post...I had no idea! We always hear about child brides but not grooms! Thanks for bringing this to light.
  • Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies

    I've heard about the child brides but I never thought of child grooms! So horrible of a situation for these kids o be put in. :(
  • Alysia from My Domestic Dish

    This makes me sick. I've seen the consequences of these types of things first hand and it's not something I can stomach or handle. Free The Children is an excellent organization to contact, perhaps assisting with furthering this message.
  • Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    This is just so wrong. Children shouldn't be forced to get married much more become parents at such a young age.
  • Leslie

    This is very disturbing but we should not use that as an excuse to run away from it.  I signed the letter and my prayers are with them.
  • kristin

    I wonder why they want to do this? Hopefully they can learn that its not necessary. I understand culture, but there has to be a disconnect somewhere.

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