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Who would of thought that college books would be so expensive specially for the limited time that you use them. Attending college is one with hopes and dreams to continue with their education. There is so much to figure out before that first day and it’s exciting an exciting time for all. Whether you are going back to college to finish your degree or just starting as a freshman your certainly on your way to a wonderful career.
I have had the honor to review Campus Book Rentals. I wish that this was available when my husband and I attended college. What a great program it is. Before you had two choices, buy new books which are too high in price to begin with or used and still pay a lot for them.
Here at you will be able to rent your textbooks and save up to 90% off.
There are tons of great perks by renting your text books through them like:

  • Saving you up to 80% off bookstore prices.
  • Flexible renting periods.
  • Free shipping both ways.
  • Trusted source since 2007.
  • You can highlight in the text books.
  • Risk free guarantee. You can’t beat that.
  • Monthly giveaways, textbook scholarships.
  • Live customer support.
  • No Membership Fee

Did I also tell you that Campus Book Rentals donates every time a book is rented to Operation Smile.
Operation Smile is a wonderful organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children those families could not otherwise afford it.

Campus Book Rentals has a new program called Rent Back and that is for the students that own the books but offer to rent them to other students instead of selling them. Students will make 2-4x more money back. I think this program is just awesome because selling your books might not be hard but making some of the money back would be difficult and in this case the student would be making more than if he/she sold it.

Here is a video of more about this rent back program:

My advice to you is please check their website out before you are planning on buying text books. In this day in age we all try to save when we can and with new text books being so expensive this is a great alternative to save you time, money and still get those much needed books.



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  • Ruby

    We tried to do this recently but the dumb school the old man is going to has books no one else uses specially made for his location. FML

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