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“As a family of brands, ALEX BRANDSTM includes some of the most iconic names in the toy industry, including ALEX TOYS®, POOF®, SLINKY®, SCIENTIFIC EXPLORER®, IDEAL®, ZOOB® and BACKYARD SAFARI™, ZILLIONZ™ and CITIBLOCS™. From classic, timeless toys and games to open-ended activities that emphasize children’s developmental needs. ALEX BRANDSTM lends itself to a lifestyle of creative and active play.”


I know for myself, I have been a fan of Alex Brands for years. Alex toys offers fun activities for all ages to enjoy. On their website, you will find educational and creative toys that are entertaining for your children. Products for infants and up, Alex Toys will increase your childrens confidence of learning while still engaging and having fun! Many of their brands and toys are award winners that have been recognized by publications and parenting organizations.

As quoted above, Alex Brands has such a wide variety of branded toys such as classic toys like Slinky, Backyard Safari and Ideal. Being that these wonderful brands are apart of the Alex Brands family gives you even more confidence of knowing your children are in good hands.

Recently, I had a wonderful experience reviewing two Alex Toys. The Crown Tabletop Puppet Theatre and Paper Bag Puppets and today I am happy to share this review with you.

Both products promotes creativity and imagination which is perfect for my 5 year old daughter. She loves crafts and is in-tuned with her creativity. As you might know, 5 year olds still engage and proudly present their love of imagination.  My daughter is one that is not afraid to express it and I always encourage her to be herself.

Alex Crown


Crown Tabletop Puppet Theatre is ideal for any preschooler and up to have. It’s durable and very easy for an adult to assemble and no tools are needed. It’s made from a wooden painted construction panels. The Crown Tabletop Puppet Theatre also includes a yellow fabric curtain and blue star tiebacks.

Being that the Crown Tabletop Puppet Theatre is made to place on a table it’s a perfect size for your little one. They can easily use hand or finger puppets to put on their show. The colors are bright and stays out with attention. My daughter was thrilled to use her Paper Bag Puppets and perform a show for me and my husband. It was adorable how she changed her voice to make it sound like the animals. After the show was over she closed the curtain and of course we clapped for her success. It was so cute!

The Crown Tabletop Puppet Theatre retails for $30.95.


Paper Bag Puppets are a great way to let your children’s imagination go. These Paper Bag Puppets are just the cutest. Included you will find a chicken, frog, lion and elephant animal. Each animal product comes individual wrapped and all you have to do is peel, stick and glue to create your funny friends. Easy for kids to hold and is awesome to use with the Crown Tabletop Puppet Theatre. I will have to admit, my first thought was how cute these bags were. I’ve never seen anything like that before. These Paper Bag Puppets are high quality made and the bags are pretty thick. All the supplies were include like the Chunky Blue Glue Stick, cutouts, stickers and colorful paper bags.

The step by step instructions that are also included were very easy to following along specially for a young one since no reading is involved.

Alex Paper



These paper bag puppets are durable and will keep your children entertained. Absolutely love them and so doesn’t my daughter.

The Paper Bag Puppets retail for $11.95.

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