InkGarden has the cutest custom made items out there. Here is one I like , It’s a customized T-shirt, You can  build your own family, there are 7 different colors that you can use, you can also customized with names. I think its adorable, For $15.99, your mom or grandmother would wear it proudly. Take a look, Here is the link:http://www.inkgarden.com/TemplateDetail.aspx?ProductID=5202&PK=b53baa0c-0d18-475c-badd-01a19bc5eaeb&TemplateID=4036&SelectedProductInSetID=5089&SelectedColorAttributeDetailID=9231

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Michele is a Florida-based recipe creator, travel buff, and lifestyle advocate. Who believes in creating easy recipes without sacrificing the flavor of each culture. She adores her family, the warm Florida sun, and wearing flip flops.

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