A Very Merry Golden Records Christmas Review

Golden Records and the beautiful harmony of Christmas songs. Such a wonderful way to start this holiday season with some classic songs that we all have known to love.

Christmas is a special holiday for most, we enjoy exchanging presents, sharing laughter and of course the day our Christ was born. I was brought up listening to all types of Christmas music those classics still in riches my soul. My children love hearing the sounds and songs of Christmas. I do have to admit that these songs tend to bring so much happiness for us. It brings great memories of me when I was a child, visiting my grandparents home, or my own folks spreading the joy of Christmas through music and I have instilled that in my own children.

When I got the opportunity to review A Very Merry Golden Records Christmas I was more than thrilled. These songs are timeless treasures. A wonderful way to start this season off jolly!

A Very Merry Golden Records Christmas CD has 20 classic songs and stories, such as:

  • John O’Hurle- Santa Claus is coming to town.
  • Didi Conn- I wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas.
  • Cheryl Hines- Story of Rudolph the red nose reindeer.
  • Ed Asner- Story Twas the night before Christmas.
  • Dermot Mulroney- Winter Wonderland.

What I really do love about Golden Records is their CD’s tend to have songs and stories in them. Almost like your getting a two for one. Making it easier for listeners to follow along in the stories or singing along with each tune. My little ones love Golden Records and I am honored to include this Very Merry Golden Records Christmas to their collection. Merry Christmas!

You can visit Golden Records on facebook, twitter, pinterest .

The Very Merry Golden Records Christmas is now available to purchase on Amazon, ITunes and also available at Walmart online and in stores.

Come take a peek in what’s in store for you!


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