A Summer to Remember


Summer temperatures in Florida can be brutal. On any given day, our temperatures can rise up in the 90’s. Some days it gets so unbearable to be outside with the humidity and high heat index. Oh yes, it’s Hot, Hot, Hot.  Being outdoors in these climates can be dangerous to your health without the proper air quality along with keeping yourself hydrated and cool.

There has been many times when my family and I have been on a outdoor activity and couldn’t wait to get home to a comfortable and cool house. Normally, our central air condition unit runs all year round except for those days in the months of February and March. During those months when it’s cold it’s not needed but you better believe, having a air conditioner is important and an necessary to have.

In my large second level home, I have rooms with high ceilings so to keep this home cool takes continuous usage. Normally, my thermostat is set on 79 degrees. Many people might think that’s still kinda high but when your living in temperatures of 90 degrees on most days, you can only imagine how my house feels at that temperature. It actually feels wonderful.

It wasn’t that long ago when my air conditioner took a turn for the worse. I noticed that my air wasn’t cooling the rooms down as it has previously. I just knew something just wasn’t right. Oh yea, I felt the heat rising in my home as well and it didn’t take long for it to feel it. I called to have my air conditioner looked at . You can imagine, it’s the middle of summer and most companies are extremely busy. I scheduled a visit for two days later but in the meantime, I had worse problems than my A/C blowing hot air, my unit on the second level was leaking. You can imagine, water everywhere and all over my carpets. It was a mess! I did my best to stay calm and cool by placing fans around and luckily I had a window A/C for these types of emergencies. Unfortunately, my rooms are big and it took many hours to slightly cool that area down. Nights were terrible and not manageable at all. My family and I had a hard time sleeping because the temperature was now 87 degrees on the second level of our home. We did our best and hung in there.

When the technician came, we just knew the problem would be fixed. Luckily the unit only needed freon but the leak was caused from a back up in our pipes. After a much needed maintenance, our central air conditioner was on it’s way to be restored so we thought.

About a week later, we encountered another issue with our air conditioner this time someone came from another A/C company and said we needed a new compressor. Honestly, I couldn’t understand why when everything seemed to be working just fine. Our home was hotter than an oven and we spent most of the day swimming in our pool which helped to keep us cool but later on in the evening it was a whole different story.

Needless to say, after going through many companies and getting different answers along with costs, a new compressor was placed in.

It certain has been a long summer. Next time my central air conditioner decides to take a turn for the worse I’ll be sure to call EDS Air Conditioning in Palm Beach. They repair all makes and models Plus- they offer great deals on maintenance inspections which allows your unit to work it’s best during the hot summer months. For resident services they offer 24/7 repair service, free estimates, air quality testing & control and much more.


Take it from me, keeping your home cool can be a challenge although it’s one that everyone benefits from.


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